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Portfolio 3

December 18, 2011

Dear Professor Abeles,

            When I was first told that we would have to write our own stories, I was very excited.  Writing short fiction wasn’t a difficult at first, but got difficult as time went by. We had done a lot this semester and I would have to say writing these short stories was the most difficult for me. My first short- long story was in third person point of view. I found it harder to write in third person point of view. My second short story was in first person point of view and I found it easier to write this way.  Choosing a topic/ title to write about for my second short story was very hard. My first short story was on love, hated, relationships which were my topics from the beginning of the semester and I didn’t want to have the same theme again. My favorite topics to write about had always been about love and relationships, I don’t really know why.

            My favorite part of this class was when we did poetry. Writing poems wasn’t at all difficult for me because I have my own poetry book. I write poems whenever I am free, it could be consider as one of my hobbies. Most of poems were always about love, as you had seen in most of my writing this semester.  I am taking a poetry class next semester, so I shall see where that takes me. Hopefully I will write poems on many new themes and not on love.

            My first short- long story was “The Son He Always Wanted” and writing this wasn’t hard. I knew what I wanted to happened, how to end it and how to make it seem as a real life situation. I made it a writing that either some can related to or had heard about.  Week to week, I got comments and used those comments to made it better. Two comments which were taken into deep consideration was my grammar, past tense and how to make the characters more real. I always had problems dealing with past tense, for some reason I can’t stick in one tense.  I was told to expose the characters appearance in the beginning instead of having it till in the end because this will gave the audience some hints about the character. I added dialogues between the characters more, instead of having it as I was telling the whole story. I hate it when there are no dialogues between characters, but at the same time I found it so hard to do.  After I got this part taken care of, I was told that they should be a more detailed scene from the marriage.  Which was really hard to do, but I still tried a lot. I added details about where they got married, what went on during the first few months of marriage and created a perfect marriage. I also cut out a few things that just dragged the story. I cut out details or made them shorter. Past tense was another big issue, which I always had trouble doing as you may had seen. In my opinion I don’t think my tense is a hundred percent perfect but it’s better than before. Hope it isn’t that horrible after all.

            My second short story “The Narrow Escape” was way easier to write about. It was easier to write about because it was in first person point of view and the only important character there was me. There weren’t any dialogues but that’s because there was just me. I hope th