The Son He Always Wanted (Part 2)

               Kevin starts to argue with Ciara, which leads into a big argument. He starts to curse and yells at her calling her the biggest liar he has ever known. He says to her “You have deceived me more than you will ever know. I have never lie to you or kept any secret from you, so why in hell would you? Who knows what else you have done, or kept from me? Perhaps you wanted to have an abortion because this would be-child isn’t even mine.” Ciara is deeply hurt by his words and just left the home to go to her mother. Kevin is calm, and decides to get Ciara from her mother’s house. Ciara comes home and they talk calmly about the abortion. Kevin decides that if this is his child, he has the right to make the decision and that the will be no abortion no matter what. Ciara pleads and tells him about her what might happen if she goes through with her pregnancy. Kevin decides that he wants her to have the baby, no matter the outcome because he wants a son no matter what. Ciara is upset, but don’t think she have a choice and goes through with her pregnancy. The atmosphere in their house has change so much; there is no more laughter, joy and happiness. Ciara feels as if she has lost her husband’s trust and has pushed him away. Each day Ciara’s condition keeps getting worse and worse.

             One day Ciara decides write a diary and leave behind for her daughter, if things don’t turn out the way she wants. She even wrote a letter to her husband stating that if he has to make a choice as of whom to safe, let it be the baby.  Each day Ciara live it as if it was her last day, she bonds more with her daughter. She tries to make her husband happy and serves him as soon as he gets home from the office.

            On a rainy, stormy Ciara is in pain and is rushed to the hospital. She is taken into the emergency room, but before she lets go of her husband’s hand she says to him “There is a letter in my bag, please read it before making any decision.” Her hand slowly slips away from her husband’s hand, and she is taken to the operation room.  Kevin is left in tears after reading his wife letter. The doctor comes out of the operation room and says to Kevin “It is very difficult to save both the mother and child, who would you like for us to safe?” I would like my son to be safe no matter what”, says Kevin. The doctor look at Kevin with disappointment, “We aren’t sure the gender of the baby, due to the fact it wasn’t shown clearly in the sonogram”, says the doctor. Kevin is a hundred percent sure this child will be a boy, and he will be happiest man on earth, since his dream and wish will be fulfilled.  After two hours, the doctor finally comes out of the operation room, and breaks the news to Kevin.

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#1   ckim90 on 11.15.11 at 4:03 pm

Wow the cliffhanger your left us is intense. Definitely curious..
But sometimes, its a bit confusing if its present tense or past tense? Maybe its just me.
But the story line is great!

#2   michelle on 11.15.11 at 4:59 pm

Thanks. I know my present tense/past are all mixed up, but I will fix them soon and hopefully it wont be so confusing then. It was meant to leave all the readers in suspense, so you will want to come back and read what happens next

#3   Pru on 11.15.11 at 10:28 pm

yeah tense is hard to understand but other then that Love the story! The husband is a asshole I hate him! You did a great job creating his character!

#4   michelle on 11.16.11 at 10:03 am

Thanks Pru.. I know my tense might confuse everyone, but i am working on fixing it. Wait till you read the rest about his character, then we will see what you think?

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