The Son He Always Wanted (Part 3)

The doctor said to Kevin, we were able to save both your wife and daughter. Kevin is shocked, and doesn’t believe that his wife had given birth to another girl, despite the fact that he wanted a boy. Kevin refused to see his wife and daughter, and said to Ciara’s mother: “She should have died, instead of giving birth to another girl”.

     After a few hours, Kevin was calm and decided to see his wife and new born daughter, Melissa. Kevin made it clear to Ciara that she will have to get pregnant again, until she gave him a son. Ciara looked at Kevin with nervousness and tells him that getting pregnant again is impossible because she can no longer have kids. Kevin is disappointed, but will be there for Ciara and his two daughters, even though his wish wasn’t fulfilled by the love of his life.

           Ciara was finally taken home, and she felt her family is complete. Little did she knew, that things would get worse than she had ever imagined. As time went by, she realized and had sense that something wasn’t right between her and Kevin. Everyday Kevin was coming home late from the office, not having time to spend with his family before. As soon as he came home, he would have dinner by himself, and went straight to bed without saying or spending time with this family. He was always late for his date with Ciara, and would angry for no reason. It had been nine months now and Ciara started to become suspicious, as to why her husband was acting in this matter.

       On one sunny afternoon, Kevin was getting dressed to go out, and told Ciara he had a meeting with one of his clients. Ciara knew to herself, that Kevin never had meetings on Sunday afternoon, and that was usually their family day to go out. Kevin left slammed the door without even saying bye to his wife or his two beautiful daughters. Ciara suspicion increased and she calls over her mother to watch her kids, while she went out. Ciara decided to follow her husband, and see if he really did have an appointment. Ciara saw that Kevin had driven past his office, and she was wondering where he is headed to.

              Kevin finally stopped in front of a house, get off his car, and walked towards the house. He had the keys to the house, opened the door and went in. Ciara got out of her car, and followed Kevin to the house. She looked through the window, and had the biggest shocked of her life.

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#1   michelle on 11.16.11 at 6:02 pm

I worked on my tense, for those of you who were confused while reading my work b/c of the tense, i hope it’s better now. Give back advice/feedback about the tense.Thanks

#2   Pru on 11.22.11 at 12:15 am

The tense is much better still needs alittle work….I want to know what is going to happen…does he have a second family and a son?

#3   michelle on 11.22.11 at 11:55 am

Thanks Pru, for all of your feebacks. I’m still working on my tense. You want to know what’s going to happen, your gonna have to wait and read the final part, which ends in tragedy. Hope u read the ending.
Does he have a second family? you asked, I don’t want to say yes or no because then you wont read the ending, but the ending is more than what you think/imagined that will happen.. Thanks for keeping up with my story

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