The Son He Always Wanted( 2nd Revised Copy)

**I revised this story, adding more coversations between the characters. I hope is much better. I also change the ending, let me know what you guys think. Thanks**

 The Son He Always Wanted

Twenty years ago Kevin and Ciara became husband and wife. They had a beautiful wedding, and everything was perfect in their lives. But nothing lasts forever.  They went to Hawaii for the honeymoon, and made the most memorable memories of their lives. Ciara was a type of person that always had things her way, or else it ended badly. If she doesn’t get something no one else could get it. Kevin was man to his words, and would always sticks by them.

“Ciara, we are married now, but let’s get one thing clear. I hate lies, I will always be faithful to you, and be only yours. I’m a one woman person. There is only one thing I want from you, and that is a son.” Those words were said by Kevin.

“Babe I love you and will fulfill your wish, and that’s one more promise I make to you.”

“Okay and remember I hate when someone can’t keep their promise, so be sure to keep yours or the worst side of me will come out and don’t lie.”

Two years later after marriage, Ciara gave birth to their first child, Melanie. Kevin was happy that Ciara made him a father, and Ciara was full with joy because she always wanted her first child to be a girl.

“Ciara, I am father, al thanks to you. I will always cherish this moment and remember it forever. But I want to be a father again and I want a son, please fulfill your promise you had made to me. Don’t forget to fulfill your promise, because that is my dream we are talking about.”

As time went by they realize they were getting closer and closer to one another because of Melanie. Melanie filled their lives with joy and happiness. After Melanie turned one year old, Kevin decided that he wanted another child and this one should be a boy. Ciara wanted to fulfill her husband wish because she knew that ever since a kid, Kevin wanted a son to be just like him and that was a promise she had made to him.

On October 31st, Ciara was pregnant again and this time it was worse than she had ever imagined. She had high blood pressure; always had fever; vomiting and her legs were always swollen. The doctor had even told her this pregnancy was at high risk and it would be hard to safe both of them. She was scared, and thought about abortion because she didn’t want to risk her life. She talked to her mother, who had advised her to take an abortion because she didn’t want her daughter to die and to make Melanie motherless. Ciara had made up her mind, without even discussing it with her husband, whom she had always discuss a problems with it, in order to have a solution. Ciara knew to herself that if she lied to her husband, it would be bad, but still had done it.  Ciara went back to her doctor and made an appointment to have an abortion, which would happen on November 20th.

            On November 10th, which was Ciara’s birthday, Kevin had decided to take her out for a beautiful dinner and to see a romantic movie.  Ciara kept feeling guilty, about not telling Kevin anything, but she knew that if she did, he would of have never approve of her decision. Therefore she decided that she will say she had a miscarriage and lied about everything. While they walked towards the car, Ciara realized that she had forgotten her phone and purse in the drawer upstairs.

 “Honey I will be right back, I’m going to get my purse I forgot it upstairs”, said Ciara.

“Don’t worry I will get it for you babe”, said Kevin.

 Kevin went upstairs and when he pulled the drawer, he saw the papers for an abortion. Kevin is in shocked and yelled her name out loud.

            Kevin and Ciara started to have a big argument. He started to curse and yelled at her calling her the biggest liar he had ever known.

 “You have deceived me more than you will ever know. I have never lie to you or kept any secret from you, so why in hell would you? Who knows what else you have done, or kept from me? Perhaps you wanted to have an abortion because this would be-child isn’t even mine. I had told you right from the beginning of this marriage I hate lies, and you still had the nerves to lie to me. What if I betrayed you now?” said Kevin.

“Betrayed me? You had said you were a one-woman person. Yes I didn’t tell you anything, but if I had would you let me go through with all this and your answer would have been NO. I know you want a son, but I’m sorry this is my life we are talking and I can’t deal with this right now.”

Ciara was deeply hurt by his words and just left home to go to her mother’s. After a few hours, Kevin was calm and decided to bring Ciara back home. Ciara came home and they talked calmly about the abortion. Kevin decided that if this was his child, he had the right to make the decision and that there wouldn’t be any abortion no matter what. Ciara pleaded and told him about her what might happen if she went through with her pregnancy. Kevin decided that he wanted her to, no matter the outcome because he wanted a son no matter what.

“If you don’t go through with this pregnancy, matters will get worse and there won’t be a good outcome. Consider it as a warning, babe.”

 Ciara was upset, but didn’t think she had a choice and went through with her pregnancy. The atmosphere in their house had changed so much; there was no more laughter, joy and happiness. Ciara felt as if she had lost her husband trust and had pushed him away. Each day Ciara’s condition kept getting worse and worse.

 One day Ciara decided write a diary and leave behind for her daughter, if things didn’t turn out the way she wanted. She even wrote a letter to her husband stating that if he had to make a choice as of whom to safe, let it be the baby.  Each day Ciara lived it as if it was her last day; she bonded more with her daughter. She tried to make her husband happy and served him as soon as he had gotten home from the office, but the atmosphere of the house still hadn’t changed.

            On a rainy, stormy Ciara was in pain and was rushed to the hospital. She was taken into the emergency room, but before she had let go of her husband hand she said to him:

“There is a letter in my bag, please read it before making any decision.”

 Her hand slowly slipped away from her husband’s hand, and she was taken to the operation room.  Kevin was left in tears after he read his wife letter. The doctor came out of the operation room and said to Kevin:

 “It is very difficult to say both the mother and child, who would you like for us to safe.”

I would like my son to be safe no matter what”, said Kevin.

The doctor looked at Kevin with disappointment.

“We aren’t sure the gender of the baby, due to the fact it wasn’t shown clearly in the sonogram”, said the doctor.

Kevin was a hundred percent sure this child will be a boy, and he would be happiest man on earth, since his dream and wish will be fulfilled.  After two hours, the doctor finally came out of the operation room, and breaks the news to Kevin.

            The doctor said to Kevin, we were able to save both your wife and daughter. Kevin is shocked, and doesn’t believe that his wife had given birth to another girl, despite the fact that he wanted a boy. Kevin refused to see his wife and daughter, and said to Ciara’s mother:

“She should have died, instead of giving birth to another girl. She had promised that she would give me a son and it’s a girl again. Don’t expect me to be happy.”

“Don’t get angry son-in-law, next time it can be a boy. Be happy and thankful that both your wife and daughter are safe and out of danger.”

“You are just like your daughter to tell lies; you and I both know for sure that she will not want to go through another pregnancy after this one, even if the condition will be better.”

“Okay, just calm now. Perhaps she will think twice about it, but she cares about you and wants to fulfill your wish no matter what. Just calm and talk with her. Everything will fall into place.”

After a few hours, Kevin was calm and decided to see his wife and new born daughter, Melissa. Kevin made it clear to Ciara that she will have to get pregnant again, until she gave him a son. Ciara looked at Kevin with nervousness and tells him that getting pregnant again is impossible because she can no longer have kids. Kevin is disappointed, but will be there for Ciara and his two daughters, even though his wish wasn’t fulfilled by the love of his life.

            Ciara was finally taken home, and she felt her family is complete. Little did she knew, that things would get worse than she had ever imagined.  As time went by, she realized and had sense that something wasn’t right between her and Kevin.  Everyday Kevin was coming home late from the office, not having time to spend with his family before. As soon as he came home, he would have dinner by himself, and went straight to bed without saying or spending time with this family. He was always late for his date with Ciara, and would angry for no reason.  It had been nine months now and Ciara started to become suspicious, as to why her husband was acting in this matter.

On one sunny afternoon, Kevin was getting dressed to go out, and told Ciara he had a meeting with one of his clients.  Ciara knew to herself, that Kevin never had meetings on Sunday afternoon, and that was usually their family day to go out. Kevin leftslammed the door without even saying bye to his wife or his two beautiful daughters. Ciara suspicion increased and she calls over her mother to watch her kids, while she went out. Ciara decided to follow her husband, and see if he really did have an appointment. Ciara saw that Kevin had driven past his office, and she was wondering where he is headed to.

            Kevin finally stopped in front of a house, get off his car, and walked towards the house. He had the keys to the house, opened the door and went in. Ciara got out of her car, and followed Kevin to the house. She looked through the window, and had the biggest shocked of her life. Not knowing what to feel or act, shedecided to go inside the house. There she found her love of life in the arms of another woman, all she can do was just stare and cry. She finally decided to yell “Kevin”, where he turned around and his face was white as a ghost. Ciara didn’t know how to reacted, what to say and whatever comes to her mind she said.

“What the hell are you doing? Is this what you call leaving for work you bastard? How could you do this to me and our two daughters? Don’t you have any shame at all? You are a fucking liar and a cheat. I am taking my kids and leaving you. You can stay with this fucking whore and this ugly ass little boy, that this whore have.”

Kevin can’t believe she just said all of those words to him, and decided to slap her.

“Who the hell do you think you come in someone home and behave like this, and then you speak about shame? And this boy you just call ugly is my SON, who you couldn’t give me. And this whore you called happens to be my life because unlike you, she fulfills my wish. You are so stupid to think that I would of have stay with you, when you couldn’t give me the one thing I asked for?  As far as I’m concerned no man would want a nasty, fucked up woman like you.  And don’t talk about lies, because you are the biggest liar and cheat of all. GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE NOW AND LEAVE MY HOUSE. You are no longer part of my life, and those daughters are not mine.”

            Ciara left her husband, took her two daughters and went to her mother’s place. Two weeks later Ciara received divorce papers, and she decided not to sign them. Ciara decided that as long as she was alive no one can take her place in her husband’s life or husband. As time passed, Ciara realized that the man she loved so much, didn’t care shit about her.  She decided to go back to her husband’s place and tried to work things out. She was willing to compromise and be a step-mother to the little boy.

As she walked through the door, her husband started to screamed “Get out of here”, Ciara being who she is decided not to give up and talked to her husband calmly.

“Yes how can I help you?” says Kevin

Can we work things out; I’m willing to accept your new lady and her son. Please don’t let our marriage be ruined for little things. You would always say that we were soul mates, what happen? I’m not giving on you or this marriage and you will be mine or no one else” says Ciara

“We have been married for so long, and your right around marriage shouldn’t just be done like that. But you know that I’m a one woman person, I don’t share myself and be with two women at once. Yes our marriage was strong, filled with love and I did think that we would be soul mates and be forever, but destiny had something else planned for both of us. I’m sorry but I want to be with my son and his mother. Let me live my life and you live yours. Sign those divorce papers and start a new life with your daughters and leave me the hell alone. If you had given me a son, all of this wouldn’t have occurred, so just let it be.”

“Kevin, I have and will always love you, but I’m not giving up on us and this marriage we had. It’s easy for you to start a new life, but I have two daughters with me, the least you can do is be a part of their lives and help support them. Are you just going to be a coward and shut them off your life?”

“HELL NO! I’m not going to be a part of your daughter’s life, I just want to have one family and been with them. Sign those divorce papers and get out of my house.

            Ciara left the house, and drove away. Ciara was a person, who always had her way. Not knowing what to, and she felt as if she had lost her husband and there was no chance of getting him back. She signed the divorce papers, but she still didn’t allow her husband to have a peaceful life. One stormy night, she sneaked into her husband’s house, went into his room and just stared at him. She leaned over him kissed him, and whispered into his ears “I love you, but if I wasn’t going to get you, no one else could. I’m sorry”. She took the pillow and suffocated him to death, but that wasn’t the end of it.

She went back to her mother’s house and killed her two daughters the same way. Having nothing left in her life, she hanged herself to death right beside her daughter’s bed.

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#1   jenny abeles on 12.16.11 at 10:36 am

Hi Michelle. You’ve written a pretty dramatic love/hate story, and you have fleshed out the characters better in this draft although I sill think one or two more detailed scenes from this marriage (ala the Raymond Carver story) might be even more illustrative than the whole trajectory from blissful beginning to tragic end.

To prepare for your portfolio, spend some time here addressing grammar errors, working on flowing, elegant sentences, and editing out any details that don’t contribute to moving the action along. Polish this up and make it your best writing!

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