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I am

Okay, this week we were suppose to write a poem about ourselves, and I found this to be my hardest poem to write.  I don’t even think I did it right, but this what I had. I think it sucks!

I am a hard working student who loves to laugh
I wonder how I will do this year
I hear my brains clicking
I see the brightness of my future
I want to want to succeed
I am a hard working student who loves to laugh

I pretend I am always in control
I feel like I’m swimming in quicksand sometimes
I touch the hearts and minds of others
I worry that I am not good enough
I cry when one of my family is in pain
I am a hard working student who loves to laugh

I understand I cannot save everyone ignorance and apathy
I say I still need to try
I dream of being the best person I can be
I try to make everything I do interesting
I hope I never stop caring
I am a hardworking student who loves to laugh.

Missing You

** I wrote this poem in memory of my Late Grandfather, who recently just went to God**

As I sit here writing about death

all I could think of is that you are just gone

watching you fight for your life and grapsing for your breath

I realize that you are in a better place and you aren’t alone

My eyes swollen and red, full with tears

with my thick black mascara running through my face

but I shall remember all those happy years

we spent together, knowing that you are in a better place

Oh, how I wish I can see you one more time

I know that one day we shall meet again

I know your with God, being his angel and that’s fine

but for now my heart will just be full with sorrow and pain

Each day all I can do is cry

for you, wishing you were still home

Everyday without you seems so dull, dark and dry

I sometimes wonder if life is just a sad game

Nothing is the same without you

but your gone and that’s something we have to live with

This is nothing but a bitter truth

without you there is no more brightness and light.


R.I.P GrandPa

I’m In Love

**Well this week, I try to write two poems, a villanelle and a sonnet*** The villanelle is below this one… I also fix my previous sonnet, but the iambic pentameter wasn’t not easy to do.. i try but it still sucks!

I am starting to fall in love with you

and I can not resist staying away

I know that my love for you will be true

And I hope you shall come for me someday.


You make me sleepless and restless all night

And that’s a secret I have kept for years

You always make my day shiny and bright

You are just so warm like my cuddle bear


I’m crazy in love with you so much

This love for you is just tormenting me

You are so handsome and tempting to touch

You are sweet as a yellow honey bee


I hope my love for you is not too late

And I am hoping we shall start to date.

Our love in the rain

As the raindrops are falling

and the night is so bright

to have our sweet private meeting


I keep thinking

whether the night will end right

as the raindrops are falling


Our love is making

and I realize it was a perfect night

to have our sweet private meeting


Our love for eachother is growing

and you are just holding me tight

as the raindrops are falling


My love for you is increasing

and there shall be no fights

to have our sweet private meeting


I shall be waking

up next to you in the day light

as the raindrops are falling

to have our sweet private meeting.


Love in a Winter land (Poem)

*** I fixed it**

Soft snow was falling when love came calling

in this cold freezing winter wonderland

when I started to feel you slipping

your fingers inside my smooth and warm hand.


I know for sure that this is not a dream

I know that the love we have will be real

now snow is gleaming and it’s white as cream

and my love for you is hard to conceal


You have gotten me warm as a fire

with a smoking and burning sensation

with sweet passion for me to desire

your inducement and hot temptation


All I need and want is to be with you

I know that the love I have for you is true.