I’m In Love

**Well this week, I try to write two poems, a villanelle and a sonnet*** The villanelle is below this one… I also fix my previous sonnet, but the iambic pentameter wasn’t not easy to do.. i try but it still sucks!

I am starting to fall in love with you

and I can not resist staying away

I know that my love for you will be true

And I hope you shall come for me someday.


You make me sleepless and restless all night

And that’s a secret I have kept for years

You always make my day shiny and bright

You are just so warm like my cuddle bear


I’m crazy in love with you so much

This love for you is just tormenting me

You are so handsome and tempting to touch

You are sweet as a yellow honey bee


I hope my love for you is not too late

And I am hoping we shall start to date.

Our love in the rain

As the raindrops are falling

and the night is so bright

to have our sweet private meeting


I keep thinking

whether the night will end right

as the raindrops are falling


Our love is making

and I realize it was a perfect night

to have our sweet private meeting


Our love for eachother is growing

and you are just holding me tight

as the raindrops are falling


My love for you is increasing

and there shall be no fights

to have our sweet private meeting


I shall be waking

up next to you in the day light

as the raindrops are falling

to have our sweet private meeting.


Love in a Winter land (Poem)

*** I fixed it**

Soft snow was falling when love came calling

in this cold freezing winter wonderland

when I started to feel you slipping

your fingers inside my smooth and warm hand.


I know for sure that this is not a dream

I know that the love we have will be real

now snow is gleaming and it’s white as cream

and my love for you is hard to conceal


You have gotten me warm as a fire

with a smoking and burning sensation

with sweet passion for me to desire

your inducement and hot temptation


All I need and want is to be with you

I know that the love I have for you is true.

My love

Well hello once again my fellow bloggers. Everyone have a special someone, whether it’s your boyfriend or girlfriend and if not you shall meet yours very soon. I believe God has created everyone’s partner, but it’s up to destiny when one shall meet the other. One might be with someone right now, but that doesn’t guarantee that they will be with that person for the rest of their lives. Five years ago, I fell in love with my first love, but being in a relationship for five years now has made me realize a lot.

                On August 25, 2005 my first love asked me out and I said yes due to the fact that we were best friends, but we didn’t feel the same way about each other, well at least I didn’t.  Sometimes I wonder why I even said yes if I didn’t even think about him that way perhaps it was my instinct telling me to say yes. We went out and had lots of fun, he would always try to kiss and hug me and I would always push him away.  He was determined to get me to fall in love with him no matter what. When we would go out, he would lock the doors and wouldn’t let me in, until I give him a kiss or hug. At that moment I would cry and argue with him, but writing about this right now, it’s making me laugh. He would come in the morning and take me to school and make sure I hug or kiss him. This occurs at least for a year and boy did I give him a hard time. He was in love with me since 2005, but I fell in love with him till in August 2006.

                In June 2006 I went to Guyana and spend two months. In August he came and surprised me and spends the most time with me. We would go to the beach, go in the water or just walk on the sand. He would take me for long drives and every night he would buy me ice cream. Even though he did all of this but, it still didn’t change how I felt about him. We spend lots of time together and these moments happen to be one of the best times in my life, for some weird reasons and remember I had no feelings what so ever for him.

                Well eventually I fell in love with him after exactly one year. The night when he left to come back to New York, I began to feel sad and even cry. That’s when I realize that I actually have feelings for him. Without even understanding how, I fell in love! When I came back to New York he brought me a diamond ring (not an engagement, just a regular diamond ring) for my birthday and made me feel as if I’m the luckiest girl in the world. I eventually start to call him “babe, baby”, and saying those three amazing words “I LOVE YOU”. We started to spend more and more time together, and I even started to kiss and hug him without him even asking or forcing me to.

                But like all relationships, one tends to have problems and in secureness. As time went by we would have our little tiffs, ups and downs, which would make me think that he has someone else or his love for me went away. I would always wonder if I took too long to accept him and his love for me. Sometimes I would feel as if he pushes me away from him and would just start crying; throwing everything that he had given me. Even time when we would have an argument I would say to him “it’s over between us , don’t ever come next to me again”, but it’s a good thing that he never take what I say seriously or else we would have been over a long time ago. He would always tell me that the best part of breaking up is making up. I always tend to get mad at him instantly. Even though he brought tears to my eyes many times, he can also make me smile in a jiffy. There is not a day when we don’t see or talk to each other. He gives me surprises all the time, and they are wonderful surprises. Recently on September 13, which was my birthday he got me a chain, flowers, card and even a teddy bear. Later that evening he took me out for a candle light dinner which was amazing, but that wasn’t the end the surprises. On the following Saturday he plan a surprise birthday party for me which was lots of fun and lasted till 2 a.m.

                As well as for me loving he has taught me a lot and I have learned a lot from him. He gives me a lot of freedom and isn’t like those type of guys that control their girls. But when it comes to me giving him even a little free, it becomes a problem.  I know you must be wondering what type of girl I’m, that I just one want things and don’t like giving, but it’s nothing like that. I have known many guys that when you give them a lot of freedom, they take advantage of it, and perhaps that’s why I have a hard time giving him some freedom. But as time went on, I realize that I just tie him down and if I keep it up, I might eventually lose him forever. So I decided to give him a lot of freedom and if he comes back to me he is truly mine and he always come back to me. The most important of a relationship is TRUST. Without trust everything just go down the drain. In the beginning of my relationship trust didn’t even play a part, (at least from my side it didn’t), but as I began to love him more and more, trust became the strongest point of our relationship. He trusts me completely, but for some reasons I had a hard time trusting him. On the whole I have a hard time trusting people, due to the fact that many times, many often broken my trust and hurt me. But he made me realize if I don’t give him trust, things won’t be that great between us. Nowadays I trust him to a certain extend. I admit I can be a little possessive and controlling towards him, but that’s because I’m afraid that I’m going to lose him. But I also realize that I become so possessive I might just push him away forever, so now and then I try to control myself.

                Being with him for over five years I have learn so much about relationships. He entering my life was one the best thing that could of happen to me. I love him, and I don’t think I can or will ever love another guy the way I love him. I can give my life for this guy and he could do the same for me. He is my first and only love. I shall always love and treasure him.


Real friends vs. Fake friends

    Friends come, friends go, and the one that stays are worth being call a true friend. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Only those who are fortunate and lucky have true friends. One might have a lot of friends, but are those one’s really true friends? I have many experiences when I thought this was my true friend and wasn’t even a true friend. Looking back in time, I made a few mistakes choosing who I was friends with. Now I think twice before befriending anyone.

     When I first came into the country and started school, as a fourth grader, I had no friends. Then I finally met this girl named Navishree(Navie) and we had all our classes together. We eventually considered to be eachother bestfriends. When we were in the seventh grade I met another girl Darshanie and we had so much in common. We like watching wrestling, and our favorite wrestlers were John Cena and Trish Stratus. We ended up buying magazines and posters of our favorite actors and actress. Little by little we ended being close calling eachother BFF and “sisters”. Even though we were that clsoe, Navie was still considered my BFF. After a few months I saw Darshanie’s true colors, she started to write and spreading rumors behind my back and it wasnt good things at all. Whatever she knew about me, she twisted it all around. That’s when I realize she was a back-stabber. When  I ended our friendship, she wanted to fight m, thats’s when my friend, Navie had my back. That was when I realixe Navie was a true friend.

   Sometimes a true friend expect things from you, that one can’t imagine of doing. When myself and Navie entered highschool, our relationship took a 180 degrees turn. We still had, almost all our classes together, which was great. Navie met new friends that led her to be a different person and she started to make all the wrong decisions. Her new friends would be considered as “the bad girls”, who would cut classes, smoke, drink and have sex with boys they just met, have like 3 boyfriends in one week. I was shocked when I start seeing Navie being part of all this because Navie was a good girl, a person that would never do any wrong or harm. As time went by, Navie wanted me to part of all this and because I didn’t, she started insulting me, but no matter what kind of pressure she had put on me, I didn’t gave in.

  With my mistakes choosing true and bestfriend, I finally found a few that’s worth being called a true friend, especially my best friend, Victoria. We are bestfriends for six years now and nothing so far has come and affect our friendship. We never had an argument or fight, anything of that sort. She has always been there for me in my good, bad and ugly times. My entire family know her so well, that she can just walk into my house and noone will say anything.  I just hope that this friendship last and she don’t suprise me in the end. I hope she ends up being my real true friend.

   Well you have read my blogs about my parents, friends, now the best one is savedd for last. My special someone blog will be totally different from all the blog that I have written so far.


My Parents and I

Relationship isn’t about that special someone alone, is about your loved and dear ones.

     While seeing other teens relationship with their parents, I sometimes wonder what kind of children are they? Compare to other teenagers, I can say my parents and I have a teriffic relationship. On the streets, I see teenagers yelling and cursing their parents in public and having no respect for them. I wonder if these teenagers have no feeling whatsoever for their parents. Don’t they once think about all the pain and hardship their parents went through for their upbringing.

       My relationship with my mother is one in a million. Our relationship isnt like an ordinary mother and daughter relationship but like bestfriends.I can talk to my mom about anything even boys, which most mothers dont even want to discuss with their teenage daughters. She even tell me about her experiences. My mom can be considered as a
“cool mom”.

           My relationship with my father is not actua;;y the same with my mom. My dad isnt strict or mean but for some reasons I cant share my feelings with him. He always tell me that I’m his favorite because I was his first born, which makes me feel very special. He will yell  at me if I do something wrong, and then few seconds later he will come and just hug me. My dad is like the coolest dad in the world. even though I sahre a better realtionship with my mommy,.

     Even though my dad and I are cool, we cant be alone for more than 10 minutes. We start aruging over the smallest thing. which pisses him off, as well as myself. The thing that I hate about my dad is he feels that he is right no mattter what and you cant tell him other wise. By me speaking back to him and telling him that he is wrong he considers it aruging, which is what starts our argument. My mom always says that my dad and I fight like cats and dogs. My mom says if she leaves us alone,we might kill eachother {not with violence, but by word}. I hate it when my dad and I argue but at the same time I find it funny. When we argue it is not to hurt eachother feelings, but to get a point stated. He knows its wrong, but yet he wants ti be right. Even though he will say “Michelle stop aruging, shutup”, I still dont because I like to be right, when I know that I’m. I guess I take some of dad’s traits, afterall.

      The one thing which makes my dad special is that he cant stand to see me sad or even a drop of tears in my eyes.

   As well for having my parents’ love, they also expect a lot from me and I’m determine to live up to their expectations.

   Keep reading my future blogs to read all about my relationship with that special one and my friends. 🙂

Howdy Everyone!!

Relationships on the whole are a very complicated thing, whether it’s with your family, your friends or even that special someone. While relationships can be a great source of joy and happiness, it can also be an amazing source of pain and sorrow. Relationships are about growing and mainting it, even though at times it can be difficult.

My name is Michelle, and I will be writing my blogs on relationships and the ones that I share. I find relationships to be an interesting topic, and have always like these topics. The reason why I want to write about relationships despite the fact that I like it is because I feel to share some of my own experiences, connect more to the subject and explore some more on this topic. Relationships are about learning from one’s mistakes, which I would like to. Relationships is a topic that I have confidence in expressing myself beyond the point, that everyone understands me and my situations.

I would like to dicuss my relationships with my family, friends and even with that special someone. Relationships are made with delicate strings of emotion which connects one heart to another. It can take a million years to build a relationship, but just a second or moment to break it. One should think before  they act because broken strings can only make knotted relationships, something that can never be ignored or forgotten.

Relationships come, relationships go. Relationships change and relationships grown.

Relationship hurt. Relationships make us examine and look at  ourselves. Relationships can change and grown and shrink. I like relationships.

Keep reading my future blogs to find out all about my interesting, fun, chaotic relationships.